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National Latino Farmers Association & Ranchers Trade Association

The National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade ASSOCIATION was founded in August of 2004 in Washington, D.C as the National Association of Latino/Hispanic Farmers & Ranchers. This alliance of Latino advocacy groups evolved from a long soul searching ordeal & after working with many farmer and farmworker advocacy groups for several years.

Farm Operators of Spanish, Hispanic or Latino Origin
The 2007 Census counted a total of 82,462 Hispanic operators on 66,671 farms and ranches across the United States. The number of Hispanic operators grew 14 percent from 2002, significantly outpacing the 7 percent increase in U.S. farm operators overall.

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How Do They Compare?
When compared to all farms nationwide, those with Hispanic or Latino principal operators tend to be smaller both in terms of size and sales. These operations are also less likely to have Internet access.

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