Posting by Patrick Worms: World Agroforestry

This fascinating study looks at sectoral and model estimates from around the globe to make a solid assessment of where the low-hanging fruits lie ...

Colorado wildfire updates: Simms fire near Ouray may have been sparked by prescribed burn

U.S. Forest Service officials over the weekend acknowledged that a prescribed burn near Ouray could have sparked the Simms fire that has burned ...

What Happens if You Get COVID While Traveling Abroad? Let Me Tell You—It Happened to Me

With the United States still requiring a negative COVID test within one day of traveling to the U.S., countless travelers are faced with the possibility ...

$1 billion Available for Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities

Earlier this month, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it will provide $1 billion in funds from the Commodity Credit Corporation ...

Graduation June 11, 2021 from Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences

Sciences with the Top 10 Scholars, my Advisory Board Co-Chair, Judge Rouhy Shalabi and School Leaders, Bill Hook, Lucille Shaw and Sheila Fowler ...

May 25th Regenerative Brand Building Event

Don’t miss this session! Stephen Hohenrieder with Grounded Capital Partners will share his holistic approach to investing in regenerative ...


Our History

On a hot summer day in 2005, 400 plus Hispanic, Latino, African-American, Asian, and other minority farmers and ranchers gathered for the first time in Las Cruces, New Mexico to write a new chapter in American Agriculture.

NLFR conference 2021 Voces

A documentary of the 2021 NLFR Congreso to consist of a series of 15 min. minidocumentaries/interviews.

NLFR Congreso 2021 slideshow

A resumen about our 2nd Annual National Congreso, “Seeking solutions for latino farmers and ranchers post covid-19 pandemic and climate crisis”.