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About NLFR

Founded in 2004, NLFR's mission is to organize, engage, and empower Latino farmers and ranchers and the advocacy organizations that provide them with training and technical support. Our vision is for all underserved farmers, farmworkers, and ranchers to transition and thrive in indigenous, regenerative, and sustainable farming and ranching operations, while strengthening and safeguarding the national food supply system for future generations.


Whether it's providing training workshops or webinars on best practices in current farming sustainability operations, or advocating for policy reform with state, local, and federal elected officials, NLFR is here to serve those populations who have historically faced discriminatory barriers in the farming and ranching industry. 

Board of Directors


Anthony U. Martinez

Chairman & President

Manuel Rosales Profile Pic.jpg

Manuel Rosales



Earl Tulley

Vice President & Treasurer


Reynaldo Gil

Vice President of Technology

Operations Team


Ana Mejia

Executive Administrator


Jordan D. Howlette

General Counsel


Jose Santiago


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