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2024 USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum: Cultivating the Future

2024 USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum: Cultivating the Future

February 14, 2024

The Agricultural Outlook Forum (AOF) is USDA’s largest and premier annual gathering. The breadth and timeliness of the AOF programs have consistently drawn a diverse group of participants, including producers, processors, policymakers, government officials, and non-governmental organizations. It routinely attracts upwards of 1,800 people in person and 4,000-5,000 virtual attendees from the U.S. and around the world.

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The 2024 Program will feature a keynote address by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, a presentation on the outlook for agricultural markets and trade by USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer, a plenary panel of distinguished guest speakers, and 30 breakout sessions covering a wide range of timely agricultural, food market and environmental issues. More than a hundred experts from government, industry, and academia will share insights on topics such as commodity and food price outlooks, U.S. and global agricultural trade developments, agricultural innovations, climate change, and the bioeconomy.

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