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Archive for Month: May 2017


Animated map shows what the US would look like if all the Earth’s ice melted

President Donald Trump has reportedly decided to take the US out of the Paris climate accord, Jonathan Swan reports at Axios, citing two sources. Politico and CNN are also reporting Trump’s intention to pull out of the agreement, citing White House officials. Whether Trump would stay in the deal — […]


The Lovely, Life-Saving Virtue of Laziness

From Our Archives GENE LOGSDON (1931 – 2016) The Contrary Farmer Surprise, surprise. The work ethic, before which our culture bows down in adoration, can result in failure perhaps as often as it does success. I came to that conclusion after many years of trying to follow an ecologically-sustainable lifestyle […]


Farming on the Edge: The Nation’s Best Farmland in the Path of Development.

35 years ago, visionary farmland conservationists founded American Farmland Trust. Our innovative policies and programs – and staff around the country – lead a national movement to save the land, soil, water and people needed to feed America. And the world. Almost 20 years ago, we released the groundbreaking report, […]


Eagle Communications

A Story of Connection. Eagle Communications’ beginning was simple in 1948, based on connecting people with people through radio and television transmission. It was a foundation built on hard work, trust and integrity. Originally known as KAYS, Inc. and based in Hays, Kansas, Eagle Communications began in the commercial television, […]


Food Safety Outreach Program

The Food Safety Outreach Program will complement and expand the national infrastructure of the National Food Safety Training, Education, Extension, Outreach, and Technical Assistance Competitive Grants Program. The Food Safety Outreach Program will build upon that national infrastructure, with a sustained focus on delivery of customized training to members of […]