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Archive for Month: August 2016


Can Counties Fix Rural America’s Endless Recession?

A blower arches several stories into the sky, spraying enough wood chips to form a small mountain. It’s part of the Georgia-Pacific paper mill in the small Oregon town of Toledo, a hundred miles southwest of Portland. The plant processes wood chips and recycled materials into 2,500 tons of cardboard […]


The Story of Blue Ridge Springs Orchard v. Government Corruption: Wanted Collateralized Real Estate Loan. 2 To 1 Collateral

4 Years of legal battles with the Federal Government over Dodd Frank and the denial of a Farm Loan because my house was not modest in size cost and design, leaves me unable to obtain a mortgage. The Death of my mother leaves me with her residence and her loan […]


The Story of Blue Ridge Springs Orchard v. Government Corruption: Federal Court Opinion Balances Scales of Justice With Lies

Below is the expressed Opinion of the Federal Court of Appeals Federal District. It proclaims to be the  Opinion of Federal appellate Judges including that of Chief Justice of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Sharon Prost. I have critiqued this opinion with my own statements like this in red. […]


Why Walmart Matters to 21st Century Working-Class Struggle

In chapter three of Necessary Trouble, Sarah Jaffe covers the struggles of Walmart workers fighting for better pay, conditions and rights at work. This excerpt addresses the historical context for that struggle. The image conjured by the term “working class” in the United States has been one of mostly white men […]