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Archive for Month: July 2015


FOREST SERVICE CIVIL RIGHTS BRIEFING R2-3 Congressional response(7.21)

USDA Forest Service Office of Civil Rights Briefing Paper  1 Date: July 20, 2015  Topic: Forest Service actions to improve Civil Rights programs and activities within the Rocky Mountain and Southwestern Regions. Background: As part of our ongoing commitment to self-improvement and commitment to non-discrimination within our programs and activities, […]


fnl vCOOL letter release

 July 28, 2015   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Coalition Urges Senate to Reject COOL Repeal Urges Senate to Reject So-Called Voluntary COOL Compromise   Washington, D.C.—Today, a coalition of 142 rancher, farmer, rural, consumer, manufacturer, labor, faith and environmental groups from across the United States delivered a letter urging the […]


Coalition Letter Opposing COOL Repeal and Voluntary COOL

July 28, 2015 The Honorable Pat Roberts Chairman, Senate Agriculture Committee 328A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 The Honorable Debbie Stabenow Ranking Member, Senate Agriculture Committee 328A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Dear Chairman Roberts and Ranking Member Stabenow: The undersigned 142 farm, ranch, rural, faith, […]


WIRED TO FAIL: Broadband in Rural America

The spirit of the law always had been for RUS to target its broadband aid to the most remote, neglected rural towns. In the earliest years of the broadband program, administered chiefly at the time by Bush-appointee Hilda Legg, RUS seemed to believe it had a much broader mandate — […]


Americas Latino Eco Festival | Americas Latino Eco Festival

Hemispheric Conservation Latino Network launches event Sept. 11 DENVER (June 18, 2014) — Colorado has been selected today to be the home of the 2nd annual Americas Latino Eco Festival (ALEF) taking place in Denver and Boulder, September 11-15, 2014. The event, A New Shade of Green, is produced by […]


The New American Slavery: Invited to The US., Foreign Workers Find a Nightmare

The H-2 visa program invites foreign workers to do some of the most menial labor in America. Then it leaves them at the mercy of their employers. Thousands of these workers have been abused — deprived of their fair pay, imprisoned, starved, beaten, raped, and threatened with deportation if they […]


National Latino Farmer’s & Rancher’s Trade Association 10th Anniversary!

WHO WE ARE The National Latino Farmers and Rancher’s Trade Association is an alliance of Latino farmers, ranchers and farmworkers from the United States, Mexico, Canada, and beyond working together toward a new society that values unity, hope, people and the earth. The National Latino Farmer and Ranchers Trade Association […]